1) Order instructions for a model you like

2) Download parts list (XML file) & PDF instructions form your email

3) Upload XML file to bricklink wantedlist

4) Purchace wanted list and wait for parts to arrive

5) Happy building!


Do you provide the pieces?

We ONLY provide the instructions and parts list. It is up to the buyer to aqure the pieces.

Thankfully, sites like bricklink make the procuring process relativly simple.

(Tutorial + more info comming soon)

Do you accept returns?

Due to the nature of our downloadable products, they aren't refundable.

We strive to provide accurate photos and descriptions of all of our products, and are happy to answer any questions you may have over email before your purchase to make sure you’re happy!

How much do the parts cost?

The estimate provided is a range of values taken from the "auto buy" feature on

The prices in any third party market are subject to frequent change, meaning that the price you pay for parts will vary from buyer to buyer.

How do your pre-orders work?

Pre-orders offer you the chance to be the first to get your hands on the product. Prior to those who purchace on the "initial launch."

The product will be sent (digitaly or otherwise) to the information you provided upon launch.